Bill Maher Peppers Swimmer Riley Gaines With Uncomfortable Questions About Lia Thomas’ Genitals


Bill Maher peppered NCAA swimmer and OutKick host Riley Gaines with a barrage of odd questions about trans swimmer Lia Thomas’ genitals during a recent interview.

Maher spoke with Gaines, who used to compete against Thomas, on the Saturday edition of Maher’s podcast Club Random. Gaines has been vocal in recent months about how the transgender movement, in her eyes, is undermining women’s rights.

On the podcast, Maher referred to Thomas as “the trans swimmer who beat” Gaines, to which she quickly clarified that it was a tie.

“I did not get beat,” Gaines noted.

“No. Beat you in the locker room with her big c*ck,” Maher laughed.

“There we go. In that case — ” Gaines laughed awkwardly.

Maher pressed on.

“How big is her c*ck? You’ve seen her c*ck, right?” Maher said.

“We all did,” Gaines replied.

“How big is it? I mean, what kind of a c*ck is it? Describe her c*ck,” Maher continued.

Gaines tried to vaguely describe Thomas’ genitalia and clarified to Maher that she does not use preferred pronouns.

“First of all, this is a six foot four man, right?” Gaines said.

“Well, it’s a trans woman,” Maher replied.

“A male,” Gaines insisted.

“This is what she would claim. And she does go through life as a woman, correct?” Maher asked.

“A woman with male parts,” Gaines said. “I don’t use she/her pronouns when referring to Thomas, and I call it a male. I think even using the term trans woman as giving Thomas some of our language as women, and I think trans woman is a subset of male. I do not believe trans women are women. And so I’m saying that up front on the record.

“No, I’m basically on that page,” Maher said. “I think, of course, trans is a is a true phenomenon. And there are some people who are and I’m sure this is the wrong phrasing, but people know what I mean. Born in the wrong body. Right? You know, they really do feel and want to be the sex they were not born. I get that. And those people should be protected and respected.”

Despite the sidetrack conversation Maher was persistent.

“I forget what the original question was. But I think it’s describe that c*ck!” Maher said.

“I was trying to run away from this question. Okay a six foot four male. But use your imagination,” Gaines said. “…We can’t unsee it. I mean, being in that space with a male, it’s like a bad car wreck.”

Watch above via Club Random with Bill Maher.

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