‘Of Course!’ Former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Says Watergate Was ‘Obviously’ a ‘Deep State Coup Against Richard Nixon’


Former Senior Advisor to former President Donald Trump, Stephen Miller made a bizarre claim about Watergate during a recent interview.

The exchange happened during the Friday edition of The Benny Show where host Benny Johnson asked Miller how reform could take place at the Department of Justice in light of the third indictment of Trump. A clip from the interview began circulating Twitter via Jason Campbell.

JOHNSON: I think the atmosphere, perhaps Stephen, is right for true, true reform here at the DOJ. Sir, how do you go about doing it?

MILLER: Well, the first and most important thing is to reestablish what is known as the unitary executive. So this goes back to the Watergate era. And now we obviously know, looking back on it now, of course, that that was a deep state coup against Richard Nixon.

MILLER: But this was back to the Watergate era in which, by the way, the cost of that just that we’re talking about measuring this in human lives, is that just I know it is a tangent, but to understand the consequence of the deep state thinking they run policy. Getting rid of Nixon, who was pursuing an honorable peace and a durable peace in Vietnam, led to the complete collapse of Nixon’s Vietnam strategy after he left office.

MILLER: That would have then kept some sort of peace in Indochina, and instead we were left with communist butchery on a scale that few can imagine. I’m not talking about the validity of entering the war. I’m just pointing out that when you when you get rid of duly elected presidents, the effects on policy can be truly calamitous.

Watch above via The Benny Show.

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