Megyn Kelly Blasts U.S. Women’s Soccer Team: ‘They Didn’t Have Their Eye On The Ball, They Had Their Eye on Their Woke Activism’


Megyn Kelly reacted to the U.S. woman’s soccer team’s shocking loss, saying “they didn’t have their eye on the ball.”

Kelly reacted to the team’s loss on the road to the Women’s World Cup along with OutKick Founder Clay Travis on the Monday edition of SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show.

“I couldn’t care less about the loss. Couldn’t care less,” Kelly began.

“I hope that they took a lesson from losing that we all want our kids to learn when things go down. Which is, be introspective. Figure out how it happened. And in this case, they didn’t have their eye on the ball. They had their eye on their woke activism, which has been this way for a while,” Kelly said.

“But Megan Rapinoe and her imprint on the team has now really made its mark. And I’m thrilled she’s gone. I feel like there’s a future now for this team potentially without this woman at the helm,” Kelly said in reference to the U.S. National team.

She turned the conversation over to Travis, who said that it wasn’t until former President Donald Trump got elected that the women’s soccer team became polarizing.

“From that point forward, they allowed, I think, the woke instincts of Megan Rapinoe to direct every decision they made. They became polarizing. They became, frankly, quite unlikable. And ultimately, that led to and I think this is important, the single worst performance by the US women’s World Cup team ever,” Travis said.

“And yet Joe Biden puts out a tweet praising them, talking about how beloved they are and how proud of them he was. And to me, Megyn, when you look at Rapinoe in the way that she shanked that penalty kick, it went to the far right, ironically, but a reaction where she’s smiling and kind of laughing. To me, it epitomized the way that the U.S. women played this entire World Cup. They were awful,” Travis said.

The women’s team lost their chance in the World Cup after Rapinoe lost a penalty kick in the game. She has since been criticized for “appearing” to laugh and smile after missing the shot. Rapinoe later told reports the reason she was smiling was because she couldn’t believe she had missed the net.

“I’m like, ‘You’ve got to be f–king kidding me.’ I’m going to miss a penalty?’ Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I missed,” Rapinoe said.

Watch above via SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show.

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