Megyn Kelly Blasts Joe Rogan For Not Understanding Bud Light Controversy: ‘Most Of Us Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Drinking’ It


Megyn Kelly blasted podcast king Joe Rogan after he drank Bud Light and dismissed the company’s controversy surrounding their partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The exchange took place on the Thursday edition of SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show where Kelly spoke with the Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan about various culture wars.

At one point during their discussion, Kelly mentioned that Rogan had been drinking a Bud Light on a recent episode of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, where he spoke with singer Zach Bryan.

During Rogan’s podcast, Bryan mentioned that he had been drinking Bud Light his whole life and that the beverage had now become a political statement.

On Kelly’s show she said that she was happy with the company’s decline. “I’m enjoying watching them suffer. I’m not gonna lie,” she said.

With customers boycotting the brand, Kelly noted that Rogan was not one of them. “Look at this Joe Rogan on the wrong side on this one, popping open a Bud Light, dismissing the whole controversy. This is the second time he’s done this,” Kelly said.

A clip from the Rogan episode played in which Rogan said, “And we’re drinking Bud Light, ladies and gentlemen… There’s nothing wrong with it. People are so silly. We were just talking about how silly it is. One person made a really stupid decision. Now everybody’s decided that Bud Light is the enemy.”

“Not getting it,” Kelly quipped as the clip ended.

“He’s totally wrong,” Klavan agreed. “This is one of the cracks in the ice I’m seeing in the culture. The fact the right has, the conservatives are like wrangling cats, everyone has a different philosophy. Everyone has a different leader. They never get together on anything, and they never take action because they are natural pessimists. So they always think it’s over because it’s finished. There’s no coming back. ‘Just gimme my Bud Light and shut up.’ No — this time they, they spotted this, they’ve spotted this transgender movement as an attack on femininity and attack on femaleness, which is exactly what it is. It’s an attempt to destroy the very existence of women.”

“If Bud Light actually we’re sorry about, it’s one person sending one beer candle to Dylan Mulvaney, we would’ve heard that. That’s not what we’ve heard. The guy has never apologized. He’s never owned up to it. The CEO of Anheuser-Busch, he’s not sorry at all. He’s only sorry that it turned into a controversy for him. He doesn’t get it and it’s too late to save his brand. And most of us wouldn’t be caught dead having a Bud Light. Now, for very good reason. It endorses a whole set of values that we do not support,” Kelly said.

Watch above via SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show.

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