Republican Governor Tells Fox News ‘Trump’s In Trouble’ In the GOP Primary


New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu insisted on Fox News that former President Donald Trump’s goose may be cooked in the Republican primary despite his large leads in the polls.

Appearing on Tuesday’s Your World, guest host Sandra Smith asked Sununu which GOP candidate stands the best chance of winning his state’s primary.

“Whoever works the hardest,” he replied. “It really is absolutely wide open. I think the debates will be very critical. Folks in New Hampshire won’t really make up their minds who they’re voting for ’til around Christmas or just after Christmas.”

Polls of New Hampshire Republicans have consistently shown Trump drubbing the GOP field in the state. The same holds for Republicans at the national level.

Nevertheless, Sununu, who told Fox News last month Trump is “a complete failure,” insisted the former president’s campaign is reeling.

“My sense is you’ll be down to four, five, maybe six candidates by Iowa,” he continued. “Four or five by New Hampshire. And then when it becomes a one-on-one race shortly after New Hampshire, Trump’s in trouble.”

Sununu argued that Trump has historically weak numbers for an “incumbent Republican president.”

“For an incumbent Republican president to only be getting you know, low 40 or high 30% in a place like New Hampshire, that means 60% of the people don’t want him. And even of his own supporters, recent polls say 50% would go to somebody else if given a good option. So, he’s in trouble when you really narrow it down.”

Trump is currently under indictment in three jurisdictions, but remains the runaway frontrunner.

Watch above via Fox News.

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