Joe Rogan Hints At Finally Having Trump On His Podcast, Wants To Ask Him What ‘The Deep State Is Really Like’


Joe Rogan could be reversing course on his decision to not have former President Donald Trump on his podcast.

In years prior, Rogan has been vocal about not wanting to interview Trump and has even admitted to turning down several opportunities to do so.

But as the 2024 presidential race and Trump’s legal fiascos heat up, it appears Rogan may have had a change of heart.

On the Thursday edition of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan sat down with political commentator Patrick Bet-David to discuss entrepreneurship and politics.

“When are you having Trump on,” Bet-David asked.

“I don’t know,” Rogan said sheepishly.

“The look — looks like you got something,” Bet-David replied.

“I don’t know – maybe,” Rogan said.

“At a certain point in time, it’s just like. It would be interesting to hear his perspective on a lot of things,” Rogan said.

He explained that more than anything, he just wants to know how it all works.

“I would like to know what is it like when you actually get into office? I would like to know things like what is it like versus perception? What is it actually like when you get in that building? What are you greeted with? When do you know that people are fucking with you?” Rogan said.

“When do you know the intelligence agencies are lying to you? Like when you decided to fire Comey? What was the thought? How much did you know? What’s the machine like? What is the deep state really like? Really like, because we have all these, you know, smoky room perceptions, like from the Bill Hicks joke or they show you the Kennedy assassination from an angle you’ve never seen before. You know, what is the machine that runs this country? Because it’s very clear that it’s not as simple as elected representatives that are doing the will of the people,” he added.

Bet-David continued to push the idea of Rogan having Trump on, which made the host visibly weary of where the conversation was going.

“Just so you know, he and I don’t speak. You know, it’s not something that is like, hey, his camp is saying go in there and do this and do that. Now, I’ve never interviewed the guy, so it’s not like I’m lobbying for it,” Bet-David awkwardly explained.

Watch above via The Joe Rogan Experience.

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