‘What Is WRONG With People?!’ Fox Anchor Stunned By Brawl After White Boaters Attack Black Dock Worker


Fox News anchor Julie Banderas was stunned by a brawl that started when a group of White boaters attacked a Black dock worker, exclaiming “What is wrong with people?”

Saturday evening, an all-out fracas erupted at Riverfront Park, in downtown Montgomery, Alabama when a group of White boaters refused a Black dock worker’s order to move their improperly-parked pontoon boat and then began physically attacking the man. The ensuing brawl became a viral sensation, and has resulted in four arrest warrants being issued.

On Tuesday’s edition of Fox News Channel’s The Faulkner Focus, Banderas introduced the story with incredulity and touched on the racial dimension of the attack. Both she and correspondent Jeff Paul agreed the video of the attack was disturbing:

JULIE BANDERAS: Utter chaos at a dock in Montgomery, Alabama. The wild dispute broke out when a group of white voters apparently attacked a Black dock employee. What is wrong with people? The result is an all out brawl. The video going crazy viral. Authorities say they have four active arrest warrants right now. Jeff Paul has more. This video is so disturbing!

JEFF PAUL: Yeah, And Julie, the captain of the river boat says that they were trying to dock after a very long journey. But when they showed up to the dock, there was a pontoon boat in their space. So he says they first tried to ask the boaters over the intercom to move, but he says they were ignored and the boaters then just walked off. However, when a crew member of the river boat disembarked and tried to simply slide that boat down and make the space, those boaters then came back, exchanged words. And then this happened.

And the boaters who were all white began to gang up on and attack the riverboat crew member who is Black. It appears after the initial fight, some bystanders then stepped in to try to break it up. But the group of boaters continue to follow the crew member and the fight just gets worse and worse. Things reportedly calmed down, but once the riverboat eventually docked, the fight started all over again as frustrated witnesses who were watching from afar then joined in. The captain of the boat, Jim Kittrell, spoke about what happened on a local radio show, saying it was unfortunate and preventable had the boaters just moved.

CAPTAiN JIM KITTRELL: When you see something like that, right? And it was it was difficult. It was difficult for me to sit there in the wheelhouse watching him being attacked the whole time. I’m on the PA: “Stop! Stop!”

JEFF PAUL: Now, eventually, police took control, putting several people in handcuffs. We know Alabama police have issued at least four arrest warrants. The mayor of Montgomery says the riverboat crew member who was attacked was just doing his job and he’s vowing that justice will be served. We’re hoping to get an update here in about 2 hours from the city. Julie.

JULIE BANDERAS: Good! And it should. That’s disgusting!

A press conference is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Watch above via Fox News Channel’s The Faulkner Focus.

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