‘Clearly a Democrat’: Newsmax Panel Debates Political Affiliation of Biden’s German Shepard ’Commander’


Newsmax’s Chris Plante hosted a panel which debated the political allegiance of President Joe Biden’s german shepherd, Commander.

The dog has raised eyebrows in recent weeks after a report revealed that the beloved pet has an affinity for biting Secret Service members. Ten instances were recorded by DHS between Oct. 2022 and Jan. 2023. Only one incident resulted in a trip to the hospital.

Plante, along with Jason Nichols jokingly questioned Commander’s political affiliation and anti-law enforcement behavior on the Monday night edition of Chris Plante: The Right Squad on Newsmax. A clip from their interaction began to circulate Twitter via Jason Campbell of Media Matters, a progressive watchdog (no pun intended).

“I have a brother who had a rottweiler and a pit bull and his rottweiler and his pit bull, neither dog ever attacked people because he raised them in a in a nice, happy environment,” Plante said.

“And honestly, once the the latest German shepherd, the anti-police dog, clearly a Democrat, bit five or six or seven Secret Service personnel, maybe they’d move the dog out of the White House,” Plante added.

“Are you saying the dog is a Democrat? Is that what you just said?” panelist Mercedes Schlapp asked.

“I’m saying the dog is a Democrat,” Plante insisted.

As the conversation continued, Nichols — a left-leaning commentator — argued that the dog may actually be Republican.

“They used to call german shepherds, police dogs. So they got anti-police dogs at the the Biden White House. And really, they’re attack dogs. But you blame the Bidens, obviously, right, because it’s their fault?” Plante asked Nichols.

“I think, first of all, I think the dog might be a Republican because, of course, when it comes to federal law enforcement, it’s Republicans that want to defund them and go after, you know, Secret Service and DOD, you know, and I don’t know — the FBI,” Nichols said.

Watch above via Chris Plante: The Right Squad on Newsmax.

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