Tommy Tuberville Proclaims Ukraine ‘Can’t Win’ Over Russia: ‘It’s a Junior High Team Playing a College Team’


Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has been making the media rounds this week, and despite denying that he’s a politician, he has a lot of involvement and opinions about politics. One such opinion is that the United States should stop sending money to Ukraine because it “can’t win.”

In addition to the United States Senator from Alabama talking about how he is not a politician and how unhappy he is about who is running the country and how it’s “dead broke,” Tuberville, who was appearing on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle, argued to host Laura Ingraham that funding Ukraine in its war against Russia was basically pointless. Ingraham, who referred to President Joe Biden’s administration as a “regime,” cited a recent CNN poll that reflected Tuberville’s opinion that the U.S. should stop funding the war:

Ingraham: A new poll is showing that Americans, as I predicted, are growing very tired of funding the regime’s war in Ukraine. The proxy war, of course, against Russia. This is a new CNN poll released on Friday that 55 percent of Americans say Congress should not authorize additional funding. Same percent of independent voters agree, 56 percent said we’ve done enough. Will this make any difference? Because in past conflicts, it’s taken a long time for politicians to get the point.

Tuberville: Yeah, we’re not getting the point in Washington, D.C. I haven’t voted for a dime to send Ukraine. Russia should have never done this. I was in Ukraine three months with President Zelensky before this started. They were already fighting at that point. But at the end of the day, it’s a junior high team playing a college team. They can’t win. We can throw all the money we want to, but unless we send NATO and our troops over, which we’re not going to do if I’ve got anything to do with it, then then there’s no chance. So they’re trying to get everybody’s eye off the real problem over here, and that’s the Biden administration. And the Democrats. They’re a total disaster.

One other reason the U.S. might not want to send troops is the empty leadership positions in the military that Tuberville is holding up in the Senate, but that’s a whole other can of tuna.

Watch the video above via Fox News.

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