Alan Dershowitz Claims Obama Skipped His 75th Birthday Party Because He Refused to Uninvite Geraldo Rivera


Lawyer Alan Dershowitz got candid about being cast out of social circles in Martha’s Vineyard over his political friendships and associations.

In recent years, Dershowitz has — time and time again — discussed how he has fallen out of favor with the it crowd on the island, especially with actor Larry David. The pair famously had an argument in the parking lot of a Martha’s Vineyard grocery store over his ties to former President Donald Trump.

In a Monday interview with Charlie Kirk for his podcast, The Charlie Kirk Show, Dershowitz noted that he’s been shunned by various local Martha’s Vineyard establishments as well. “The library has cancelled me, my synagogue has cancelled me. The community center has cancelled me. The book show on Martha’s Vineyard,” Dershowitz noted earlier in the interview.

The lawyer said it was his love of country and the Constitution that inspires him to keep fighting despite losing a lot personally.

“My demand that we have complete free speech and opportunity to express our views and that we comply with the Constitution. I’m too old to change my stripes,” Dershowitz said.

Dershowitz claimed even a former president decided to skip out on his birthday party over his association with a former Fox News host.

“I’ll be 85 in a month for my 75th birthday. I had like 200 people coming. President (Barack) Obama was invited and he said he would come, but then when he heard that Geraldo Rivera was invited too, basically his office said, ‘Unless you disinvite Geraldo Rivera, I’m not coming,'” he said firmly.

“I’m a loyal guy. And I said to the president of the United States, ‘No, Geraldo Rivera is coming. You can stay away.’ And the president of the United States stayed away from my 75th birthday because I invited Geraldo Rivera. I would do that any day of the week. I believe in loyalty, I believe in friendships. I don’t agree with Geraldo on everything. But he’s my friend. So of course I invited him to my 75th birthday and I’m inviting him to my 85th birthday,” Dershowitz said proudly.

Watch above via The Charlie Kirk Show.

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