Stephen A. Smith Defends Joe Rogan From Critics Of Baseless Jan. 6 Theory: ‘I’m Not Agreeing With Him, I’m Agreeing With His Right To Express That Opinion’


Stephen A. Smith defended Joe Rogan from those who criticized his comments about the Jan. 6 riot, admitting that although he doesn’t agree with Rogan’s take, he supports his right to express his opinion.

Last Friday, on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan argued that January 6 may have been a false flag operation to take down former President Donald Trump.

“The January 6 thing is bad, but also, the intelligence agencies were involved in provoking people into the Capitol Building. That’s a fact,” Rogan said before pushing the idea that protester Ray Epps may have been a federal agent.

“Well, I think they were going to get him in any way that they could because he’s an enemy of the intelligence agencies,” Rogan said.

Epps has been the subject of conspiracy theories alleging he was a federal agent plant sent to the Capitol on Jan. 6 to foment violence. Epps, a Trump supporter, said the false theories led to death threats that forced him to sell his business and flee his home. He’s now suing Fox News for defamation over Tucker Carlson’s claims about him.

On the Wednesday edition of The Stephen A. Smith Show, Smith reacted to Rogan’s claims.

“I have no clue what Joe Rogan is talking about. And by that I mean I have no idea whether he’s right or whether he’s wrong. I’m not siding with him. I’m not saying he’s all right, but I’m not summarily dismissing every, in any syllable, he echos as conspiracy theories,” Smith said, citing Malcolm X and MLK Jr. having their own theories about the government that eventually gained credence.

“I am not saying any of it, cause I don’t know, I don’t know. What I get upset about is when people act like they do know, and that makes Joe Rogan ignorant. It makes Joe Rogan wrong. It makes Joe Rogan just an absolute fool,” Smith ranted. “No, it makes him very, very suspicious because he knows what level of insidious behavior our government has been capable of in the past.”

Smith praised Rogan as “the king,” and lauding him for his ability to build a fan base of 15 million followers.

“Now, I might not agree with a lot of things that he says, and I certainly haven’t delved deep enough to think about conspiracy theories — but guess what, ladies and gentlemen, I got news for you — news flash! I don’t think Donald Trump is fit for office,” he said.

Smith argued that although he feels that way toward Trump “a lot of people don’t and there’s a lot of people who believe exactly what Joe Rogan stated.”

Smith clarified that he doesn’t believe Trump caused the January 6th insurrection, calling the real participants “grown ass men and women.”

The sports commentator went on to cover the charges Trump currently faces for his participation in the events of January 6.

“You have people like Joe Rogan and others that are disgusted by that. They think the Department of Justice is being politicized. They believe it’s a witch hunt,” Smith said.

“I understand that people want to get at Joe Rogan, and again, I’m not agreeing with him, I’m agreeing with his right to express that opinion so long as he classifies it as an opinion,” Smith concluded.

Smith’s full commentary spanned over 16 minutes and can be viewed here.

Watch above via The Stephen A. Smith Show.

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