Those TikTokers Licking Ice Cream and Saying ‘Gang Gang’? They’re Making $7,000 a Day


A bizarre trend has swept social media platforms involving content creators acting like robots and raking in thousands of dollars a day.

The trend — known as NPC, or non-playable characters — involves creators pretending to be non-playable video game characters which followers pay to have them do various actions and say repetitive phrases.

Over the last few weeks, creators like Pinkydoll and Cherry Crush log on to various platforms including TikTok and begin a live stream. In a matter of seconds, thousands of fans join in and begin sending the creator various emojis that trigger them to say catchphrases unique to their page.

The emojis are purchased by the fans via tokens on the website. An ice cream emoji can trigger Cherry Crush to repeatedly say, “ice cream, yum!” A balloon emoji will prompt Pinkydoll to pretend to pop them on the screen. The creators will keep the livestream going for several hours as the money rolls in.

Although the videos range from oddly captivating to incredibly annoying, these streamers are collecting plenty of cash.

According to The Guardian, Pinkdoll has claimed she makes upwards of $7,000 a day from a livestream with over 3.5 million likes on the video.

Tokens and virtual gifts given to the creators can then be transferred into real money that can be cashed out. Per Insider, TikTok takes 50 percent of the net revenue from the virtual gifts.

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