CNN’s Chris Wallace Asks Brad Paisley About Promoting Covid Vax With Jill Biden And People Who Think Vaccines Are Political


CNN anchor Chris Wallace asked country singer Brad Paisley about promoting the COVID vaccine with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, and why a big chunk of country fans view refusing the vaccine as a political statement.

On this week’s episodes of Wallace’s Max/CNN series Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, Wallace interviewed country superstar Brad Paisley and Hollywood icon Sharon Stone.

In his interview with Paisley, Wallace touched briefly on politics with an exchange about Paisley’s support for Ukraine, and again by asking about the anti-vax movement:

WALLACE: You are not afraid to get into controversial subjects. I mean, I don’t think it should be controversial, but support for the Ukrainians and the war. That’s something that you have embraced. You also, and we have some pictures here of you, with Jill Biden promoting the COVID vaccine. Question I have is, what do you make of so many people, including a big chunk of country music fans, who are very probably don’t take the vaccine and see that as political?

PAISLEY: Well, I mean, look, that’s a very complicated thing. I have really good friends that are incredible doctors at Vanderbilt, one of my closest friends in the world is a pediatric neurosurgeon. And that’s who I leaned on throughout the, the thing. And that’s why I got so involved in this is his, his studying of this and his explanation for where we would be without it. Based on the data that he was telling me about, and all of the research that I did with him, I felt like it was the right thing to do. And, you know, sometimes you do stuff like that, when you believe it. Even if it’s not popular, I think you got to do it. And in that sense, it’s been fascinating though, to watch. And the folks who didn’t get it, it’s like, it’s okay. those of us who did, we, you know, we did what we did, you did what you did, and here we sit now, and we don’t have to wear that mask anymore. Thankfully.


Watch above via Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace.

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