‘Is This Real?’ CNN’s Chris Wallace Stunned By Sharon Stone Revelation About Basic Instinct Aftermath


Iconic film star Sharon Stone stunned CNN anchor Chris Wallace by telling him the crazy things people did after her fame exploded with the release of Basic Instinct.

On this week’s episodes of Wallace’s Max/CNN series Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, Wallace interviewed country superstar Brad Paisley and Hollywood icon Sharon Stone.

Wallace asked Stone about the iconic scene in Basic Instinct, and was taken aback by her description of the behavior she encountered after the film came out:

WALLACE: That scene and that movie made you a huge star and made you a sex symbol. Was that an easy transition? For you? And did you enjoy it?

STONE: First of all, that scene, my acting teacher, Roy London said to me, you know, this scene, this is an action movie. And this scene stops all the action. And he said, so every single moment in that scene has to be very specific, you have to be super present. And on the moment, I think that that is the key to acting, it’s the key to living as the key to everything is to be super present in the moment. I did not know that my being super present in that moment would change the dynamic of my life forever. I didn’t know that. On Friday, when that movie came out, that I would be basically a nobody. And on Tuesday, I would go to get my eye glasses picked up on Sunset Plaza. And I would come out in my little 325 BMW. And I would stop at the stoplight, and everybody would climb all over my car. And then the light would turn green. And cars would start beeping and I wouldn’t know. Is it legal to drive? When people are all over the top of your car…

WALLACE: Sharon…is this a story? Or is this real?

STONE: This is the real thing. And I’m in my car on Sunset Boulevard and they’re all over the hood and they’re all over the windshield. And people are blowing their horns and I’m thinking if I drive and they get hurt, do I get arrested? Is that a crime if you drive when people are on your car, and I’m inside thinking do I drive not drive? What’s the law about people all over your car?

WALLACE: Note to the file, don’t get in Sharon Stone’s car…

STONE: Don’t get in my car because I don’t know what to do. And then as weeks went on, it was please don’t pull the bumpers off my car. Please don’t pull the rear windows off my car. Please don’t. Crashing the roof of my car. Please. stop tearing clothes off my body. And oh I’m cutting my hair all off short because I can’t stand you grabbing me by the hair and ripping my hair out of my head.

Watch above via Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace.

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