Newsmax Host Chris Plante Accuses Biden Dog of Being ‘Anti-Law Enforcement’ For Biting Secret Service Agents


Newsmax host Chris Plante had a tongue-in-cheek explanation for the string of biting attacks carried out by President Joe Biden’s dog Commander.

Records from the Department of Homeland Security revealed this week that Commander, a two year old German Shepard, has a affinity for bitting Secret Service members. Ten instances were recorded by DHS from between October 2022 and January 2023.

According to AP, only one incident resulted in a trip to the hospital.

On the Wednesday night edition of Chris Plante: The Right Squad on Newsmax, the panel discussed the report from Homeland Security. A clip from the conversation began circulating on Twitter via Jason Campbell.

“Biden’s White House is apparently no place for a dog house. A freedom of information request filed by Judicial Watch revealed that there have been 10 attacks by President Joe Biden’s, German Shepherd Commander… on the officers and agents of the US Secret Service between October of 2022 and January of 2023. That’s just a few months, and that’s a vicious attack dog there,” Plante explained.

Plante noted that Biden’s first German Shepard while in office, Major, was known for biting members of the White House staff and Secret Service agents. He was eventually taken to live with friends of the Biden’s in Delaware.

He also brought up a recent article from The Hill which said Vice President Kamala Harris was taking on an attack dog role.

“Which attack dog should we fear the most, Kamala or Commander?… President Trump didn’t have any dogs attacking the Secret Service, attacking White House staff and of course, his vice president wasn’t the attack dog either,” Plante said.

“…The new German Shepherd, apparently not being treated very well, attacking 10 people — I think it’s an anti-law enforcement dog. It’s a Democrat dog. It only attacks law enforcement. This one didn’t attack staffers. Secret service agents, plain clothes, secret service officers, uniform division of Secret Service, 10 of them attacked, including hospital visit and all this,” Plante said.

“He might need to be like, become like President Teddy Roosevelt and get like a Macau,” panelist Mercedes Schlapp said.

Watch above via Chris Plante: The Right Squad on Newsmax.

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