Vikings QB Kirk Cousins Decries ‘Toxic’ National News, Defends Local News: They’re Not ‘Trying to Incite People’


Since the debut of the Netflix series Quarterback, Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins has earned the reputation of an everyman with a personality not typically seen in franchise players.

On Monday, that point was reinforced when Cousins revealed himself to be a champion for local journalism.

During a sit-down interview with Breaking the News anchor Jana Shortal, Cousins admitted that he favors local news over “toxic” national news.

“Obviously, most news has kind of gone like this,” Cousins said while making a downward gesture with his hand. “It’s just toxic. And I feel local news is still somewhat pure.”

Shortal then pointed out how “local news has not been nice” to Cousins during his time in Minnesota, to which he responded, “That’s Ok.”

“Why do you like us?” Shortal asked.

“When I watch it, I feel like I’m at least getting some good, quality news,” Cousins replied, “instead of just trying to incite people.”

Local media, as Shortal noted, has indeed been harsh on Cousins. Some have noted how far Cousins is from reaching a Super Bowl and have even criticized his inability to win games despite accumulating impressive stats.

Fortunately for Cousins, he seems to have developed thick skin over time. As he said later in the interview with Shortal, he’s basically been counted out at every level of his and, for the most part, has managed an impressive career despite doubters.

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