WATCH: NY Yankees Manager Aaron Boone Mimics Umpire in Hilarious Tantrum While Getting Ejected from Game


New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone got his money’s worth Monday when he received his league-leading sixth ejection.

In the eighth inning of the Yankees’ game against the Chicago White Sox, Boone was ejected for chirping at home plate umpire Laz Diaz. He had done so throughout most of the game due to Diaz’s questionable calls.

When he was finally tossed, Boone laid into Diaz and two began screaming at one another face-to-face.

“I’m sure that Boone’s been thrown out,” YES Network announcer Michael Kay said as the two were arguing. “And Diaz is giving it as good as he’s getting it, but Boone’s getting his money’s worth.”

Boone knelt behind home plate and drew a line with his finger several inches away from the strike zone. Then, he stood up and imitated Diaz’s strikeout gesture as if to show how off-the-mark Diaz’s calls were.

“And he’s showing the pitch that is being caught,” Kay continued. “Then he’s mimicking Laz Diaz.”

Boone and Diaz continued jawing at one another for another 30 seconds before Boone finally exited the game. Boone could also be heard continually saying, “You stink!”

The frustration seemed to be warranted. According to the Twitter account Umpire Auditor, 14 of Diaz’s 21 missed calls Monday went against the Yankees.

The day before, as another tweet noted, the Yankees and Houston Astros had to deal with 23 missed calls from the infamous Angel Hernandez.

Watch above via YES Network

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