Kara Swisher Claims Chris Christie ‘Has a Lane’ to Beat Trump in GOP Primary: ‘Actually Can Take Him On’


Podcaster Kara Swisher claims that GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie has a shot at getting the nomination, if Trump were to drop from the race.

The discussion occurred on the Thursday edition of the On with Kara Swisher podcast which featured an interview with Christie himself. Swisher spoke with her executive producer Nayeema Raza before about the outlook of the 2024 GOP field.

“You are surprisingly a Chris Christie campaign donor,” Raza said.

“Yeah. I’m gonna mention it to him at the top. Yeah. I gave him money cause I want him to be on the stage. I want him to reach that number. And I really like debates. I watch them and I think it’s important that Trump has someone who actually can take him on a little better,” Swisher explained.

Swisher elaborated that since the 2016 debates, “Christie’s really honed his skills.”

Raza noted later in the conversation that despite Swisher’s lucrative donation of $5 dollars, Christie is polling at the back of the pack.

“Yes. They’re all in the back of the pack. There’s Trump and then DeSantis is limping along behind him and going lower every day and which is an opportunity for those people. And then there’s everybody else,” Swisher said.

As the conversation continued, Raza asked if Christie had a shot to win the primary.

“In a way, yes. There’s a lane. If Trump drops out, there’s a lane for him,” Swisher noted also adding that if it doesn’t work out, “He will get a book deal. He’ll be on tv.”

Listen above via the On with Kara Swisher Podcast.

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