Taylor Swift Fans Caused Seismic Activity in Seattle That Registered as a 2.3 Earthquake


Aside from breaking music records and taking on a tour that has everyone talking, Taylor Swift is also causing literal earthquakes.

That’s right, according to CNN, Swift’s Eras tour two night stop in Seattle proved to be earthshaking, as fans caused enough seismic activity to register a 2.3 earthquake.

Dubbed the “Swift Quake,” CNN News Central broke down the story on Friday morning and it’s not the first time something like this has happened.

“So Taylor Swift told her fans to ‘Shake it Off’ and they ran with it at the Eras tour, so the Swifties danced and jumped so much that they caused a literal earthquake in Seattle,” anchor Rahel Solomon said.

“Well, they went to shake it off and they shook it up,” CNN correspondent Tom Foreman said.

“What happened is all these people started jumping around during the song, all of the Swifties, and right there, you can see what they did. They caused the equivalent of a 2.3 magnitude earthquake as they jumped around in Lumen Stadium there in Seattle,” Foreman said.

Foreman explained that a similar phenomenon occurred in 2011 during a Seahawks wild card playoff game. Running back Marshawn Lynch made a 70 yard run during the game which caused fans to go ballistic. The event also registered seismic activity and was aptly named the “Beast Quake.”

Courtesy CNN

“People back then created the same sort of seismic reaction out there. The thing is, when a researcher at Western Washington University took a look at this, a geologist, the thing is the Swift quake is bigger than the Beast quake,” Foreman explained.

“Swifties are thrilled about this,” Foreman declared.

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