Chris Christie Thinks Mark Meadows Flipped On Trump: ‘He Has All the Looks Of a Cooperating Witness’ 


Republican presidential candidate and former federal prosecutor Chris Christie says Mark Meadows’ behavior in recent months exhibits all the signs of a man who is cooperating with the feds in their prosecution of Donald Trump.

Meadows, who served as Trump’s last White House chief of staff, has maintained a low profile amid multiple prosecutions of his former boss, who has been indicted in two federal cases. First, he was charged in Florida over his retention of classified documents after leaving office. Then last week he was arraigned in Washington, D.C. in connection with his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. He pleaded not guilty to all counts.

Many have speculated that Meadows has cooperated with prosecutors, with some pointing to the fact that Meadows – who was a key figure in Trump’s inner circle after the election – is largely absent from the indictment.

Appearing on Monday’s AC360 on CNN, Christie was asked Christie if he thinks Meadows will be called to testify as a government witness.

“Do you think Mark Meadows is gonna testify?” Anderson Cooper asked.

“Oh, I’ve said all along I think Mark Meadows is already a cooperating witness,” Christie replied before elaborating. “He has all the looks of a cooperating witness – running into coffee shops away from the press.”

“And he’s disappeared in the indictment,” Cooper said. “He’s referenced once or twice.”

“So, when you didn’t see Mark Meadows as an unindicted co-conspirator and you see absolutely no mention of him at all?” Christie responded, leaving viewers to draw their own conclusions.

“How devastating do you think his testimony could be?” Cooper inquired.

“It could be the worst testimony for him outside the family members because Mark Meadows was with him constantly during that time,” he answered.

“And involved in all of it,” Cooper noted.

“He was a very involved chief of staff, in my experience,” the former governor stated. “He made sure he was in every meeting and every conversation. And we remember, there are hundreds of text messages that he turned over to the special counsel that he kept.”

Despite the indictments, Trump maintains a large lead over the Republican field for his party’s presidential nomination.

Watch above via CNN.

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