‘Jack Smith Isn’t Liking The Discomfort’: Trump Spokeswoman Boasts to Fox News Special Counsel Is Acting Like He’s ‘Afraid’


Trump spokeswoman Alina Habba joined Fox & Friends on Monday morning and discussed the protective order Special Counsel Jack Smith asked for over the weekend in response to the former president’s bombastic social media posts.

Prosecutors argued to the judge a protective order was necessary in this case as Trump “previously issued public statements on social media regarding witnesses, judges, attorneys, and others associated with legal matters pending against him.”

“What does this exactly mean? It means you can’t share. It means Donald Trump won’t be able to share things like the grand jury transcripts or evidence, that kind of thing,” asked co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

“Correct. A protective order is something that we frankly have agreed to on certain other cases that we have with the president, and he’s never violated them. We have two protective orders that we don’t object to which say that there will be protections for the witnesses and protections for the evidence that come out, especially when they’re classified,” replied Habba, noting that Trump is barred from attacking witnesses in other cases.

“We don’t necessarily always object, but this one’s different because this is Jack Smith trying to be a bit of a victim here and come out and say, oh, it’s more him being afraid. If you look at it closely, the protective order is in terms of witness testimony, exhibits. Those aren’t necessarily things we’ve ever disagreed to, and President Trump’s never violated that if you look historically. So I just want to be clear that that doesn’t seem to be an issue for my client. What seems to be an issue is that Jack Smith isn’t liking the discomfort of the attention from what he brought,” Habba concluded.

The interview continued with Brian Kilmeade asking about the other various cases before co-host Steve Doocy asked one final question about Trump’s social media posts.

“And a quick exit question for you. Given the scrutiny about what the former president says, is anybody reviewing his social media before he hits send? Because he said some of he said some stuff over the weekend that is getting a lot of attention,” Doocy asked, referring to Trump issuing an apparent threat against prosecutors and slamming his former Vice President Mike Pence – a likely witness against him.

“Yeah. The president obviously has access to his social media. There’s a system in place, meaning that we have a ton of communications people, as we know. But in terms of what he does day by day, minute by minute, I can’t speak to that. I wouldn’t speak to that,” Habba replied.

“So nobody’s reviewing it before he hits send,” Doocy pressed.

“I’m not going to speak to that. I think that the president has, just like I have and everybody else, the right to send it if he wants to, and if it needs to be reviewed, it gets reviewed. But gotcha. You know, he is a grown man and he does as he wishes,” Habba replied.

Kilmeade agreed and joked that “anyone who had Twitter over the last five years or six years knows” just that.

Watch the full clip above via Fox News.

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