Trump FINALLY Condemns Paul Pelosi Attack, Declares Dem-Run Cities ‘Far Worse Than Afghanistan’


After days of silence about the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, former President Donald Trump finally got around Monday to denouncing the brutal assault early Friday morning. Trump immediately pivoted to rail against Democrats and the policies he claims have led to an increase in crime in major cities.

Trump gave an interview to Americano Media, a conservative Spanish-language network, where he was asked about the attack on Paul Pelosi at his home in San Francisco. This was accompanied by a question of whether the incident reflects crime in Chicago and other cities governed by Democrats.

“With Paul Pelosi, that’s a terrible thing, with all of them it’s a terrible thing,” Trump said. He then pinned the chaos on “Democrat-run cities.”

Look at what’s happened to San Francisco generally. Look at what’s happening in Chicago. It was far worse than Afghanistan…Last weekend it was brutal, it was like a war zone. We have to give the police back their dignity, their respect.

They can solve the problem. But today if a police officer says something that’s slightly out of line it’s like the end of his life, the end of his pension, the end of his family. We can’t do that. We have to give the police back their authority and their power and their respect. Because this country is out of control, and they’re Democrat-run cities, almost exclusively.

In the days after the attack on Mr. Pelosi, Trump was slammed by political observers who noted his refusal to denounce it despite his very-online presence and tendency to follow the news. Instead, the ex-president’s son mocked the Pelosi attack after Trump’s supporters spent days minimizing his connection to politically-motivated violence.

This has also entailed Trump’s supporters blasting Democrats over their crime policies, rather than addressing the implications of the attacker holding MAGA-affiliated beliefs and specifically targeting Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

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