‘You Are Here For Cynical Reasons’: Rep. Connolly Claims RFK Jr. Brings ‘Shame On a Storied Name’ As He’s Used as A GOP Prop


Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) tore into Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Thursday for appearing before the House Judiciary Weaponization of Government select subcommittee at the invitation of House Republican leaders on the topic of censorship. Connolly accused the 2024 Democratic presidential candidate of shaming his family name by being an “enabler” of the GOP, which Connolly claimed was using RFK Jr. as a political prop to attack President Joe Biden.

“And no matter what you may think, Mr. Kennedy. And I revere your name. You’re not here to propound your case for censorship,” Connolly said as he wound down his remarks.

“You are here for cynical reasons to be used politically by that side of the aisle to embarrass the current president of the United States. And you are an enabler in that effort today,” the Virginia Democrat added.

“And it brings shame on a storied name that I revere. I began my political interest with your father. And it makes me profoundly sad to see where we have descended today in this hearing. I yield the balance of my time,” he concluded.

RFK Jr.’s presidential run in the Democratic primary has been embraced by many on the right and far-right in both U.S. politics and media. Former President Donald Trump called Kennedy a “very smart person” during a Fox News interview Sunday and praised him for hitting a “nerve.”

Kennedy has long been denounced as a conspiracy theorist for pushing his widely debunked belief that vaccines cause autism and more recently that chemicals in the water are turning America’s children trans.

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