‘Trump is Very, Very Beatable’: GOP Governor Predicts Neither Trump Nor Biden Run in 2024 — For Very Different Reasons


The Republican governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu, stunned CNN This Morning anchor Poppy Harlow by boldly predicting that neither President Joe Biden nor former President Donald Trump will be their party’s nominee for president come November of 2024.

Sununu made the case against Trump winning the GOP nomination first. “Look what’s happening to Donald Trump’s numbers just right here in New Hampshire. He’s at 37%. That means 63% of that most hardcore voting base of Republicans don’t want that guy,” Sununu said of his home state’s GOP electorate.

“Huge opportunity. Trump is very, very beatable. But we have to find the candidate that’s going to surge,” he concluded.
Harlow pushed Sununu on who that may be. “Look [Vivek] Ramaswamy, I got to tell you, is exciting people. He gets people excited on stage. I think he’s got to bring a little more to it other than just being the other anti-woke guy,” Sununu offered.

“I think some of the newer candidates, I think [Doug] Burgum is spending some money. People looking his way. You know, the Pence, Haley, Tim Scott, they’ve been in the race a while. People know exactly where they are. They’re great individuals with amazing records, but they’ve got to bring really some personality and I think there’s opportunity to do that,” he continued, adding:

But we haven’t seen a ton of it yet. But there’s still time. There’s three or four months here where we’ll really start narrowing down. You’ll have people surge, you’ll have them implode on the debate stage. It’ll be a drama. And that’s the drama we want to see. We’re tired of the Donald Trump drama. We want real Republican drama. Donald Trump’s not a Republican. We want real Republican drama.

Harlow then moved on to discuss Hunter Biden’s legal trouble and showed clips of various GOP officials slamming Hunter. “You have said you’re not going to get elected president by bashing the Hunter Biden deal. Do you still feel that way?” Harlow asked.

“Well, look, I’ve said very clearly, any time a politician or a politician’s family has the word deal next to them, that’s a problem. That’s a huge problem,” Sununu replied, adding:

I don’t think this is the only thing. But I’m going to tell you, I don’t think Joe Biden is the nominee in 24. And this is just one drop. Many of the many drops in the bucket. No, I think I think he’s going to go through the primary process. I think he’s going to collect all the delegates. And I think you’re going to see a wild convention where he and his people start steering the delegates somewhere else. I really believe that sincerely. I think it’s a health thing. I think it’s the Hunter Biden thing. They’re doing everything to make sure that he doesn’t have to testify and have to sit there in court and open all this other stuff. The whole book gets opened up if that process happens.

“So, look, I don’t know whether it’s a grand scheme. I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but I just think that’s the way it’s playing out. I don’t think Trump or Biden are on that ticket,” Sununu concluded.

“Wow, wow!” Harlow replied.

Watch the full clip above via CNN.

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