Marjorie Taylor Greene Urges Voters to Ignore the News and Turn to God After Trump Indicted For Third Time


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) advised Republican supporters to turn to God in lieu of the news, following former President Donald Trump’s third indictment.

On Tuesday, Trump was indicted on four felony counts for attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Tuesday night on Real America’s Voice’s Human Events with Jack Posobiec, Greene appeared as a guest to discuss the latest news involving Hunter Biden and Trump.

“We have to defund Jack Smith’s special counsel,” Greene told host Jack Posobiec regarding Trump’s fourth looming indictment.

Matt Gaetz is aligned with me on that as well. We both talked about it and are working on it. I will not vote to fund the FBI’s new headquarters. I refuse to do that. I will not vote to fund a weaponized government in any form in the FBI and Department of Justice. That’s the only power that we as Republicans have right now to make a difference. I gotta tell you, we don’t have a lot of people with us,” Greene said, explaining that as of now, they don’t have the support in either the House or Senate.

Greene then appealed to her followers.

“It is worrisome about what’s going to happen in our future, but I always have hope. And that’s one thing I just wanna mention. It’s important that we put a full faith and hope in God and not anything that we see in the headlines and not anything that we see happening in the news,” she said.

“Our real hope needs to be in God. And Jesus Christ is my savior. And I know he is yours as well. And God has plans much bigger than this. And I believe in the American people also, Jack, I believe their power is much bigger than mine. I’m only one member of Congress. But the American people when they really feel like they want to make a difference, I really believe they can,” Greene added.

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