Melania Trump Torched By Ex-Friend as Complicit in ‘Transactional Criminal Enterprise’ With Ex-President: ‘She Was A Part Of Everything!’


A former friend and advisor to former First Lady Melania Trump says she hopes the Special Counsel into January 6th has her emails and text messages.

In a Friday interview, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff appeared as a guest on the Lights On with Jessica Denson podcast, to react to what was at the time, former President Donald Trump’s looming indictment for January 6th and election interference.

Wolkoff was an unpaid advisor to the First Lady but later resigned in 2018 when their relationship soured. She would go on to write a book, Melania & Me which included direct quotes from the First Lady which she obtained by secretly recording their conversations.

Reacting to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment of Trump for January 6th, Wolkoff said, “Accountability means everything, and justice means everything. And we’re finally seeing that happen.”

“We now are seeing all of these indictments come down and we are hearing the truth, the facts, and they are from other people, other voice recordings, other text messages, other signals, and it’s nothing that’s transparent in Trump world. Everything that needs to be, that should be, finally is in the hands of Jack Smith,” she said.

Denson discussed the case against the former president for the mishandling of classified documents and asked about the possibility of Melania being called to be a witness in the case.

“I think Melania Trump was subpoenaed several times in different investigations. Whether or not she complied with them and what she actually handed over is going to be, I think, a shock to all of us,” Wolkoff said.

“I do believe that between her texts and Signal and WhatsApp and also her many different emails that she uses, that there absolutely is going to be evidence that shows that she understood what was going on and that she was a part of everything that really does go on with Donald and is very much aligned with his thinking and the way that they support each other. Forget about being a transactional couple. They are a transactional criminal enterprise,” Wolkoff said.

As the conversation continued, Wolkoff reiterated that she hopes investigators like Jack Smith have all of Melania’s communications.

“I pray that people that are listening to this really, really listen and understand that the corruption and the disingenuousness and the deceit and the deception is all very real,” Wolkoff said.

“…I do hope the investigators do have her Signals that I have, and I hope that they have her text messages, and I hope that they have every email that was written on a non-government email address, because those emails show Melania is very well aware of everything,” Wolkoff said.

Watch above via the Lights On with Jessica Denson podcast.

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