‘Flaming Piece Of Dogsh*t’: Ben Shapiro Literally Lights Barbie On FIRE In Wild Review Trashing ‘Woke’ Film


Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro took 43 minutes to review the new Barbie Movie, where he lights Barbie dolls on fire to emphasize how much he despises the “woke” film.

The Daily Wire co-founder starts off his review by throwing a Barbie and Ken doll into a trash bin before lighting them on fire with a match. Shapiro’s video editors then add fake screams and fire graphics to showcase the doll’s destruction.

“Let me begin with my generalized assessment of movie,” he tells his audience. “This movie is not just a piece of shit. This movie is a flaming piece of dogshit piled atop an entire dumpster on fire piled atop a landfill filled with dogshit.”

One of the main criticism that Shapiro gives for hating the movie is due to the lack of comedy and the mismanaged plot, claiming the film’s writers could not decide “whether they hate Barbie, or they were supposed to kind of like Barbie. It seems they kind of despised Barbie as a fascist emblem.”

The Republican firebrand also believes that the overall political message from the movie is that men and women need to be divided. Shapiro notes:

The basic sort of premise of the film, politically speaking, is that men and women are on two sides of the divide, and they hate each other. And literally, the only way you can have a happy world is if the women ignore the men and the men ignore the women. That seems to be the final outcome of this film. I was trying to separate this into problems with plot and problems with character and problems with the politics and so on. But they’re all intertwined because the thing is just a mess. It doesn’t make any sense. Plot-wise, it makes no sense. Character-wise, it makes no sense.

Watch the full video below:

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