Chris Wallace and Matt Damon Reveal George Clooney Is BRUTAL Prankster — And Even More Brutal Retaliator


CNN anchor Chris Wallace and actor/producer Matt Damon revealed that Hollywood star George Clooney is a merciless prankster — and a feared retaliator of others’ pranks.

On this week’s episodes of Wallace’s Max/CNN series Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, Wallace interviewed Damon and film star Laura Linney. The Damon interview was conducted prior to the SAG/AFTRA strike, which prompted Damon and his castmates to walk out of the Oppenheimer premier.

In his interview with Damon, Wallace recounted a wicked Clooney prank he’d heard about, and Damon revealed few dare to try and turn the tables on Clooney for fear of the consequences — but gave one example when Brad Pitt tempted Clooney’s wrath:

WALLACE: So George Clooney…

DAMON: Who by the way, blurbed your book and I that was the first thing I got your book and I read and I flipped it over and I go “oh great. He got, he didn’t get me to blurb his book, he got George to blurb it. Okay.”

WALLACE: Okay, well, if I had sent if I’d sent it to you, what would you have said?

DAMON: I would have blurbed it! (You didn’t know who I was) Stop it, we had never met but I know who you are.

WALLACE: Okay. Well, in any case, George Clooney once told me that in the movie, “The Monuments Men” that he had the wardrobe people take in your uniform a little bit each week so that you would think despite the fact you weren’t trying to put on weight, that in fact, you are getting fat. One, is that true? Two, did it work? Three, did you ever get him back for it?

DAMON: Okay, first of all, you know, George so you can answer the first question. Is it true? Of course it’s true. Like yes, yeah, he totally did that. I’ve never tried to get George back for anything because I just know the countermeasures are going to be so severe. He does not. I saw it happen once I saw on Ocean’s 12 Brad Pitt sent out letters in Italian to the Italian crew. Now George had just bought this place in Lake Como he was very, very proud to be living in Italy a lot of the time loves the country. He’s like Mr. Italy everybody loves George there. And Brad put this letter to the crew out as if it was from George which said you know or George’s people. Please understand you’re working with Mr. Clooney. You may not look him in the eye at any time. You will not refer to him as George you may call him only Mr. Clooney or Mr. Ocean.

And so for a few days, the crew was a…and George, you know, read that and because he’s, he’s, you know, the life of the said, Hey, how’s everybody doing? And he comes in, he’s like, something’s weird, and he can’t figure it out. And we were all staying together at his house, and he came home and I’ve that’s the maddest I’ve ever seen. Because he was, because Brad got him. And Brad sat there and he just said, and he just sat there he goes, just leave everybody else around me out of it. (Just come for me, they’re all civilians) leave other civilians out of it.

Watch above via Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace.

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