Yes, I have posted very little this year.  For a variety of reasons, primarily that I’ve been busy, and secondly that local politics in 2011 has for the most part been boring.  Everyone knew that Billie Redmond didn’t stand a chance of defeating Nancy McFarlane.  Randall Williams was certainly entertaining, but certainly not newsworthy, and unfortunately Lent Carr moved to West Virginia.  The development of a new UDO has been dead slow, apparently not as easy to do as Former Mayor Meeker and Planning Director Mitchell Silver led many gentle citizens to believe.

It took the ghost of Jessie Taliaferro to bring me back to the boards.  After my post last week, I got to thinking if my interpretation of what went down at that first council meeting was tangible or rather just maniacal thinking arising from my long-held disdain for former Councilor Taliaferro.  Turns out I wasn’t the only one who noticed the sinister, cynical mien of Mary-Anne. Independent thinkers noticed, as did the MSM.  It’s reassuring to know that paranoia the destroyer hasn’t got the best of me yet.  Stop. Hold on. Stay in control.

Perhaps a new council is just what I need to get posting again.  That UDO is getting close to done; there are some real stinkers in it, and the new Mayor appointed a weak comprehensive planning committee to review it.  The new convention center downtown is turning into a big money pit.  And the new City Council actually believes that the state legislature is going to exempt the State Capital from new laws regulating the carrying of concealed handguns???

Earth to City Council: Speaker of the NC House Thom Tillis pays his NRA dues from his campaign funds.

Clearly it is not LL Cool Lane who is in need of brain salad surgery.  Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends.

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