Here’s What You Missed: 4 Bizarre Moments From Tucker Carlson and Accused Human Trafficker Andrew Tate’s 150 Minute Interview

Tucker Carlson interviews Andrew Tate


Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson released an interview last week with self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate, who is facing charges of rape and human trafficking in Romania.

The confab between the ousted Fox News host and the buffoonish social media influencer lasted for 150 minutes — a marathon that even Carlson-sympathizers could not bear to sit through. Mediaite watched the entire interview, and can report it was filled with spin about Tate’s indictment in Romania, wild conspiracy theories about Covid, and a long diatribe about the existence of a secretive international “matrix media” seeking to punish him for “having an opinion.”

Suffice to say that none of Tate’s wild claims were challenged by Carlson, who has long supported Tate.

The Bucharest Court has charged Tate, his brother Tristan Tate, and two conspirators with violence, rape, and human trafficking. Carlson declined to press Tate on the charges against him or the details laid out by Romanian prosecutors.

While the conversation spanned strange topics like the supposed necessity of “helping men resist slave programming” to praising videos from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the two agreed most on the existence of a “matrix media” that spreads propaganda intended to “weaken” American men.

Here are some of the most outlandish moments from the interview, which is longer than Apocalypse Now.

Tate and Carlson spin the charges

Carlson’s first question centered on the charges, which prompted Tate to claim his only sin was recruiting women to make TikTok videos and taking the proceeds.

Carlson: What are you charged with?

Tate: That’s a really good question. I’m charged with being the head of an organized criminal group which is in charge of recruiting girls to make TikTok videos to steal the money from the TikTok views.

Carlson: Recruiting girls to make TikTok videos and stealing the money. So it’s really a financial crime?

Tate: Yes, and the girls who they’ve identified to add to the file say they aren’t victims of anything and that it isn’t true. But the state believes it’s true…The overall change is that there is an organized criminal group, there’s a group of us, I’m the head of it, my brother is below me, and we use the “Loverboy” method to convince women to do TikTok videos to make money, so we can steal the TikTok money.

Carlson: So, just to be clear, you are not accused of pandering, pimping, or forcing women to have sex with anybody?

Tate: No, not forcing them to have sex, not restraining their movement, not stopping them from living a full life. But the fact that we somehow are convincing them to have TikTok.

Romanian authorities say seven women were lured to Tate’s home in Romania. They say after entering the home, the women were forced to make pornographic webcam videos, and one woman was raped on two different occasions in March 2022. Multiple women have spoken out about alleged abuse by Tate.

Tate has spoken out publicly for years about his treatment of women. In an online post that Tate called his “PHD Program,” he claimed he has had “over 75 girls” work for him on pornographic webcams. While in the interview he claimed he never “restrained their movement” or prevented them from “living a full life,” Tate stated in a since archived YouTube video about the women, “Of course they don’t go out. They’re not allowed out…You stay in the house. You don’t go anywhere. No restaurants, no clubs, nothing.” Tucker did not question Tate on any of these comments.

Carlson claims Romania is the real human trafficker

Tate bemoaned the illegitimacy of his crimes blaming a subjective legal system. Carlson agreed, arguing that if coercion is a crime, then the Romanian government is equally guilty.

Tate: When you finally end up the enemy of the matrix, and they use the legal system to punish you for having an opinion, you realize how subjective the law is. Because it can be a weapon. Because when you have something subjective, you can just pick and choose. So if they sit and say ‘human trafficking is a woman doing something for financial gain against her will via emotional coercion —

Carlson: Emotional coercion?

Tate: Convincing her. That’s what I am accused of, because they have no proof of me having done anything wrong. They say “he’s convinced these girls to do TikTok for money;” the girls themselves have said this is not true. And the state is denying their statement saying, “No, you’re brainwashed; it is true.”

Carlson: So the state is trying to coerce the women, so how is the state not committing human trafficking by the same definition?

Tate says we are being mind-controlled by the matrix

Throughout the interview, Tate alleged the existence of a global “matrix” that has rigged the media and judicial system against him.

Carlson: What is the matrix?

Tate: I guess some Americans call it the deep state, but I like to look at it in a more global way. When I say the matrix, I think there are certain agendas which are being pushed, I think the media machine and the judicial systems of the world work together hand in hand. I think the goal is to control people’s minds so they don’t discuss anything that’s important.

Tate claims Putin cured Covid

Again, this was a 150-minute interview, so Carlson found time to question Tate about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In response Tate thanks Russian leader Vladimir Putin for “curing Covid,” a point which Carlson agreed was “fair.”

Carlson: Why do you think support for the Ukrainian side in the war against Russia, support for a war against Russia in the West is kind of the bottom line issue for the people who run the U.S. government and the American media? I guess you could argue about it, but there isn’t an argument about it in the United States. There is a position, and anyone who doesn’t hold it is attacked and punished. Why? Why is that so important?

Tate: Well, I think the first thing we should all do is we should all give Putin credit for curing Covid. Because when his invasion happened, Covid went away. Think about it; it’s almost to the day. So we have to give him some credit, at least for doing that. He may be the bad guy of the world, but at least he cured Covid for everybody.

Carlson: Fair.

Tate: Thank you, President Putin.

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