Steve Doocy Snaps at Brian Kilmeade Over Trump Knowing He Lost 2020 Election: ‘I’m Just Reporting the Facts!’


The battle over the heart and soul of the Republican party has a new front: the Fox & Friends curvy couch. Long known as a place for conviviality and morning show silliness, it is now more like Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.

Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade have been good friends and colleagues at Fox News for over a decade, but just like the famous Joy Division song, Trump will “tear us apart.”

The latest skirmish comes on the day following former President Donald Trump’s third appearance in court following his third indictment, this time for allegedly defrauding the United States for, among other things, a fake elector scheme by him and six other unnamed co-conspirators.

Doocy listed “three different lines of defense for the former President,”  which included 1) his First Amendment rights, 2) he was following advice from his lawyers or 3) he actually believed he had won the election.

“Now, here’s the problem with that,” Doocy added. “Ty Cobb, who actually was employed by Donald Trump during the Mueller investigation, he was one of Trump’s lawyers, said that he tweeted this or he put this on Facebook. He said there will be evidence from several witnesses in this case that Donald Trump knew he lost. He said ‘I lost.’ And then Ty Cobb goes on to say it’s going to be a D.C. jury. And this is the last line of Ty Cobb. He said, ‘Donald Trump, he’s toast.'”

Kilmeade was displeased and interjected, “Who cares what Ty Cobb says?” to which Doocy replied, “Brian, I’m just reporting the facts!”

Kilmeade continued:

Kilmeade: No, but think about reporting everybody around Trump in in casual conversation, in serious conversation on tour and beyond, will that go 5 seconds without him saying he won the election? He was down Sean Hannity’s throat for not defending him.

Doocy: Brian, what I said was Ty Cobb said they have several people who were told by Trump “I know I lost.”

Kilmeade: I look, that’s fine, wait a second. So they believe that there’s going to be traction in a courtroom because Ty Cobb and a few other people said he lost when almost everybody else said he won. Why is that even part of this legal case? Because he sincerely believed that he lost the election. I didn’t even think that was going to be even brought up. A lot of people just said to him, “Drop it. I know how you feel. Change the subject.”

Shimkus: So Attorney General Bill Barr has said that he thinks that [special prosecutor] Jack Smith has more on Trump than he has released in this, of course, in this indictment. But right now, there is absolutely no smoking gun, which would be Trump saying, I know I lost, but we are still going to go ahead and do this anyway. And when you think about the language of some of those comments of him saying I lost it, it’s a matter of interpretation, too. Is he saying I lost in terms of how in terms of what other people are saying, in terms of what the election results are right now, even though he believes that there were votes that weren’t counted. So that is something that’s all going to play out in the court system over the course of 2024, or if Trump’s lawyers get they.

Kilmeade: Get together.

Shimkus: After the election.

Kilmeade: Getting inside his head is impossible. Absolutely. Because if anybody who says he thinks he lost, who said that? There’ll be 20 million people who said he’s convinced he won.

Doocy: Well, luckily, we have the course of 3 hours to continue to talk about this.

Watch above via Fox News.

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