Reporter Accidentally Tells Radio Host ‘I Love You’ While Texting With His Mom During Live Hit


The White House reporter for RealClearPolitics ended a radio interview on Thursday by telling the host, “I love you” in a tone so earnest, it prompted disbelief and eventually uncontrollable laughter.

Phil Wegmann, an occasional guest on Fox News, finished his hit on WMAL radio in Washington, D.C. on Thursday afternoon with host Chris Stigall, who bid his guest adieu while plugging Wegmann’s most recent article:

STIGALL: And the most recent piece today went to print, “Mike Pence takes the fight to Trump.” Thank you, Phil, very much. Great to catch up.

WEGMANN: I love you. Thank you.

STIGALL: Uh, our telephone–did he just say he loved me, Dave? Did I just hear Philip say he loved me? Did he think he was talking to his wife for a minute? I could swear I just heard him say, “I love you.” Did he not just say that? Must be a big fan. I had no idea Philip Wegmann was such a Chris Stigall fan. “I love you!” It’s the smoke. I think the smoke’s getting to everybody. Seriously, could we get the tape of that? I wanna replay–I’ve never had a guest actually say that in closing. “I love you.” Sorry, Phil. I’m married. This is very uncomfortable.

Stigall went to the traffic and weather reports. Meanwhile, Wegmann took to Twitter to explain he was texting with his mother at the time and blurted out part of their conversation.

After coming back from break, Stigall told listeners the show had just checked in with Wegmann about his parting words.

“What I didn’t know, Philip Wegmann, who we were just talking to a little while ago from RealClearPolitics, my guest, he’s apparently an enormous fan,” Stigall said. “And I was a little taken aback, wasn’t sure how to respond when he shared with me very candidly his open feelings for me here live moments ago on WMAL. Take a listen again.”

He re-aired Wegmann’s sendoff, laughed uncontrollably, and relayed Wegmann’s explanation.

“During the break we checked in with Phil to make sure we heard him correctly. He texted an expletive and then said, ‘I was reading a text from my mother!'”

The host laughed some more.

“It’s all right, Phil,” Stigall said. “I am a married man, but I love you too.”

Listen above, via WMAL.

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