Trump Boasts His Rivals Have ‘Shot Their Wad’ in Rambling Interview Before Heading Off to Court


Just hours before his arraignment on federal charges in Miami, former president Donald Trump called in to conservative host Howie Carr‘s show, where he rambled on about the election, even when asked about his court appearance.

“What would you tell, you know, the people that have been calling and watching and listening all afternoon, they’re upset about what’s happening to you,” Carr said. “And they understand that what you say is true, that you’re between the Deep State and them. What would you tell your 75 million voters tonight on the eve of this arraignment?”

“Just stay strong, stay very very strong,” Trump answered.

And we’re going to bring it back, and we’re going to win in a landslide. I believe it will be one of the greatest wins ever. Much bigger than the other way, because they’ve done so poorly. You know, they’ve done so poorly in these four years — it will be four years. People pouring in from prisons, mental institutions, insane asylums, pouring into our country by the millions — we’re going to have 15 million, and in my opinion, the real number is 15 million by the end of this year — 15 million people will have come into our country and we don’t even know who they are. But, many are from prisons and mental institutions. I say to everybody, just stay strong. Because we’re going to win it and we’re going to make America great — we’re going to make America greater than ever before, because these guys have shot their wad! They’ve shown how bad they are, so this is much bigger than if this was traditional. You know how well we did. I did much better in the second election than the first election by millions and millions of votes — much better. But, you know, bad things happened, OK, bad things happened, and it was a disgrace, that election was a disgrace, everyone knows it. One thing you can realize, they can see how bad the Democrats have been, it’ll be easier to do it than people can even imagine.

Earlier in the interview, Carr asked, “Are you going to say anything beyond ‘not guilty’? Are you going to make a statement in court tomorrow?”

“No, I doubt it. I’ll just say not guilty, I didn’t do anything wrong — did nothing wrong. Presidential Records Act, there is no criminality here, it’s ridiculous,” Trump said.

Listen to the audio above via The Howie Carr Show.

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