‘There’s No Question!’ Pelosi Blames Trump’s Lies For Violent Attack, Rips Trump and Elon Musk For Disinfo


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi drew a straight line from the lies that inspired Jan. 6 to the violent attack on Paul Pelosi, and ripped Trump and Elon Musk, and others who spread lies about the attack on her husband.

A suspect named David DePape has confessed to breaking into Speaker Pelosi’s San Francisco home and violently attacking her husband, Paul while asking for the speaker’s whereabouts a week and a half ago. The attack was followed by fiery condemnations from some and misinformation, conspiracy-mongering, and mockery from others.

On Monday night’s edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360,  anchor Anderson Cooper asked Speaker Pelosi if she agrees with President Joe Biden that there’s a direct connection between former President Donald Trump’s election lies and the attack on her husband:

Anderson Cooper. President Biden drew a line between what happened January 6th and the attack on your husband. The President said, and I quote, ‘The assailant entered the home asking, ‘Where’s Nancy, where’s Nancy?’ – those were the very same words used by the mob when they stormed the United States Capitol on January 6th.’

Speaker Pelosi. That’s right. That’s right.

Anderson Cooper. Do you draw that same line?

Speaker Pelosi. Absolutely. There’s no question. It’s the same. The same thing. A copycat or whatever it happens to be inflamed by the same misrepresentation.

But the fact is, right now, it’s time for healing. We want the country to heal. This is not a path that we can continue on. And we want people to run for office, local, in every way. And you can’t say to them you’re risking the safety of your families by going forward. There are no guarantees of safety.

I’m very pleased that in August we were able to reach a place where the Sergeant-at-Arms informed the Members of the House of an amount of money that they would have – $10,000 to – and have the Capitol Police come and evaluate what their needs were to make their homes safer, because there was a recognition when we’re gone, our families are home and, you know, that’s scary or even if we are home, but so we recognize that. It was figured that that amount of money could do what it needed to do in homes.

Cooper also asked about the misinformation and doubt that has been spread by Trump, Musk, and others:

Anderson Cooper. The former President of the United States Donald Trump, Elon Musk, others have spread stories casting doubt on what happened, fomenting conspiracy theories. What do you have to say to them?

Speaker Pelosi. It’s really sad for the country. It’s really sad for the country that people of that high visibility would separate themselves from the facts and the truth in such a blatant way. It’s really sad, and it is traumatizing to those affected by it. They don’t care about that, obviously, but it’s destructive to the unity that we want to have in our country. But I don’t have anything to say to them. I mean, we have nothing, there would be no common ground to have any conversation with them.

Watch above via CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.

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