Dan Abrams Calls Out Right-Wing Media for Perpetuating Conspiracy Theories Over Paul Pelosi Attack


NewsNation host and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams called out conservative media for perpetuating conspiracy theories about the attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

During Thursday’s Dan Abrams Live, Abrams dismissed the notion there are “new developments in the political attack on Paul Pelosi” and cited the “twists and turns” from Fox News anchor Sean Hannity’s show.

“Viewers of Sean Hannity’s show last night learned about ‘new twists and turns,’” said Abrams.

“Another twist and turn in the case of Paul Pelosi’s attacker as local media in San Francisco is reporting, NBC as a matter of fact, that it was Paul Pelosi, not police, that opened the door that night of the hammer attack and that Paul Pelosi did not appear to be in any immediate danger when police first arrived,” said Hannity. “Now that directly conflicts with filings from the Department of Justice but matches up with statements from the San Francisco DA’s office.”

After playing the soundbite, Abrams appeared stunned.

“Wait, what?” he said. “Rather than just accept some nut broke into the Pelosi home to try to attack Nancy, some in the far-right media continue to suggest there’s more to the story that they, whoever that is, won’t tell us. That there’s a real coverup, a massive one going on.”

Abrams cited an NBC Bay Area report with the headline “Body Cam Video Shows Paul Pelosi Opened Door for Police, Despite DOJ Saying Otherwise: Source.”

Abrams expressed astonishment that the dispute is over who opened the door.

“Everyone in law enforcement is saying the same thing: that this guy targeted Nancy Pelosi because of who she is and what she stands for,” he said.

“We know that Paul Pelosi was attacked at 2 a.m. and suffered a skull fracture from being hit in the head with a hammer and spent nearly a week recovering at a San Francisco hospital,” he continued. “We know the assailant had posted numerous unhinged conspiracy theories on his blog and even admitted to police that he was intending to kneecap Nancy Pelosi because he hated her politics and thought she was a liar.”

Abrams said there’s only a discrepancy between the DOJ and San Francisco DA’s account “about how the police gained entry” if “you’re looking for a conspiracy” or “looking to create doubt surrounding all of the facts, as law enforcement has laid it out.”

Abrams cited a Today report on Nov. 4 that has since been retracted by NBC News for not meeting its editorial standards. The reporter behind the report has since been suspended.

Abrams blasted Hannity for asking why Paul Pelosi’s attacker didn’t run out the door of the Pelosis’ San Francisco home.

“Why the victim did or didn’t do something makes no sense unless you’re just trying to stir up conspiracies,” he said.

Watch above via NewsNation.

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