Fox News Host Apologizes For Airing Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack Without Warning: ‘Had No Idea What That Was Going To Look Like’


Fox News host Harris Faulkner apologized Friday afternoon for initially airing the newly-released Paul Pelosi body camera footage without a warning for viewers.

The police footage shows suspect David DePape inside Pelosi’s San Francisco home in October. DePape is accused of attacking Pelosi with a hammer. Footage shows police arriving at the house and telling DePape to drop the hammer. He doesn’t comply and attacks Pelosi with the weapon.

The footage was aired on Outnumbered on Friday after Faulkner and others discussed the body cam video, along with surveillance footage of a man outside the home before police arrived.

“The producers are apologizing to me, but I want to apologize to you,” Faulkner said immediately after airing the footage. “We had no idea what that was going to look like and that should have had a warning and a graphic warning before we showed it and then on screen.”

She turned to Fox Business host Kennedy, noting she “looked away” while the footage played.

“I have a hard time seeing violence like that and that was just a natural reaction. I know it’s our job to look at those things and analyze them and take them in, but also the anticipation — we know what’s going to happen,” she said.

Faulkner added the footage would also be difficult for Pelosi’s wife, Nancy Pelosi, to view, calling for sympathy for the family regardless of politics.

“In every instance, politics aside, whatever your feelings may be, if that is your loved one on the ground — I mean that was really quick between the time the police answered and thank the good lord that they were there,” she said.

The second time the video was aired during the show, there was a graphic warning shown on the screen, as well as a comment from Faulkner.

Watch above via Fox News.

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