Fox News Host Argues Paul Pelosi Video Release Will ‘Dispel’ Conspiracy Theories ‘Many of Us Had’ Because ‘California is Democratic State’


Fox News host Todd Piro argued on Friday that the release of the video showing the brutal attack on Paul Pelosi should “dispel” conspiracy theories surrounding the incident, but also justified those theories by saying “California is a Democratic state.”

“Cam footage from the incident is expected to show what officers saw when Pelosi first opened the door. So they had gotten there because of that 911 call. We’ll get pieces of the puzzle now,” began Harris Faulkner on Outnumbered.

“First, what he said on the call, whatever cryptic happens to mean. But it was enough to get them there. And court documents reveal that DePape allegedly awakened Paul Pelosi shortly after 2 a.m., carrying a large hammer. Several white zip ties. Demanded, ‘Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?’ So potentially, since other investigative materials are part of what’s being released today, maybe we’ll learn even more about that,” Faulkner added.

“You obviously just nailed all the key things that not only police and, you know, amateur detectives that we all are in this day and age want to hear,” replied Piro, adding:

But obviously, people in the court of law want to hear that as well, ultimately at a point when it would go to trial. But going back to the public access part. This all comes down to public policy. And the reason we are able to have faith in our justice system is because of access to watching the court process play out now. Now to your point, Emily. Yes. Not everything is open. A rape victim, let’s say there’s a 12-year-old rape victim. There’s no way that the name of that individual should ever…

“Cameras in the courtroom,” added Faulkner.

“Exactly. Anything like that. But that goes against public policy. The public policy here is for a free and open ability to see what is happening in this court. And that’s why they made the right decision,” Piro added.

“And we got we need to see all those things that you mentioned, because that’s the only way we’re going to get this puzzle put together. And to your point, Kennedy, it’s going to dispel a lot of those conspiracies that many of us have because California’s a Democratic state and we’ve seen the pattern play out in the past where I hate to make this political, but Democrats have a tendency to hide and not be transparent when something could potentially make them look in a bad light,” Piro concluded.

After the attack in late October 2022, conspiracy theories quickly began to swirl on right-wing media. NPR reported at the time “the Gateway Pundit, a website well-known for publishing false stories, called the attack ‘another liberal lie.’ Conservative activist Dinesh D’Souza tweeted ‘nothing about the public account so far makes any sense.’”

Claims that the attack was a false flag to somehow influence the midterm elections quickly morphed into baseless and debunked conspiracy theories that Paul Pelosi was attacked by a male escort. “The new owner of Twitter, billionaire Elon Musk, retweeted a story with lurid suggestions from a website that’s notorious for publishing falsehoods. Donald Trump Jr. also shared a meme amplifying that same theme,” added NPR.

Watch the full clip above via Fox News.

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