More Footage From Pelosi Attack Shows Suspect Breaking Into Home with Hammer


Body camera footage of an attack on Paul Pelosi was released on Friday, along with a number of other items related to the case, including footage from outside the San Francisco home showing the suspect actually breaking in.

Much of the focus on Friday was on police body camera footage showing police arriving at Pelosi’s home and finding him standing next to suspect David DePape who is holding a hammer. After being told to drop the hammer, the suspect attacks Pelosi.

The footage was so graphic, Fox News host Harris Faulkner apologized to viewers for not airing a warning before reporting on the breaking news. A warning was quickly added to the video before it was shown again on the network.

Surveillance footage from outside the house actually shows the suspect breaking into the home by smashing windows with a hammer. The additional video was aired by Fox News and others.

The suspect can be seen in the black and white footage placing unknown items on the ground and then trying to make his way into the house. Some noted on social media the additional video should dispel any conspiracy theories insisting there was no break-in and Pelosi had a previous relationship with his attacker.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed the release of footage from the attack on her husband and said she has no intention of viewing it. She also claimed she will not be making further statements on the incident except to thank people for their support.

Watch above via Fox News.

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