Even Glenn Beck Says Paul Pelosi Video ‘Dissolves All of the Crazy Rumors’ About This Being a ‘Sex Fest’


Far-right radio host Glenn Beck, who himself has promoted conspiracy theories, knocked down all the “crazy rumors” and conspiracy theories surrounding the brutal attack on Paul Pelosi after watching the newly released video of the incident.

“It is so very clear that Paul Pelosi is not going to the door. Unafraid. And on his own volition. He is not standing there holding the guy’s hand because they’re having a lover’s twist. That’s not what’s going on. He’s clearly being held hostage,” Beck said after playing the video on his show.

“Now watch again,” Beck added as he showed the clip of police telling Pelosi’s attacker to, “Drop the hammer.”

“Stop! You’ll see here that this was another one of the controversies. It was said that they were both — first it was they were both in their underwear. Absolutely not true. Then they were both fully dressed. That’s not true. The attacker is fully dressed,” Beck explained, adding:

But Paul Pelosi is either wearing a shirt or a nightshirt and his boxer shorts. He looks like a guy who was woken up in the middle of the night. This again dissolves all of the crazy rumors that, you know, they were having a, you know, sex fest or whatever it was. This obviously appears to be exactly what they said it was.

Beck then showed the moment when Pelosi is viciously hit with the hammer.

“And he’s not walking away from his attacker, I mean, toward his attacker. And that’s what NBC News said, that he was backing up towards his attacker. No, he wasn’t. He was backing up away from the front door to get away from his attacker. And I don’t think I’ve seen something this brutal in a long time,” Beck concluded.

“I did not expect it to be as brutal as it as it was. Why allow things to go on and ferment? Why why do that when you have such a clear, open and shut case like this, if they would have released this within 24 hours, which, you know, they’ll release body cam footage of George Floyd immediately, immediately anything our cops do wrong, immediate release. Why wasn’t this released, especially when it could cause such danger and conspiracy theories?” Beck added.

Notably, as Beck spoke police video of the fatal Jan. 7th beating of Tyre Nichols by police was expected to be released – weeks after the incident.

Other figures on the hard-right came to similar conclusions as Beck. Candace Owens commented, “I agree. After hearing the 911 call it’s very apparent Paul Pelosi was trying to keep Dylan Depape calm while also alerting police that something was very wrong. That’s exactly what you should do in that situation in my opinion.”

Owens was replying to Mike Cernovich who noted:

It’s called deescalation.

Do any of you supposed experts on home security have any understanding of how you’re supposed to respond in these situations?

If you’re 80 year old Paul Pelosi, you can’t body slam a 300 pound meth head.

You CALM him down and let police handle.

In the weeks after the attack, Owens was one of the figures spreading baseless suggestions that Pelosi was engaged in a lover’s quarrel, not a politically motivated attack aimed at then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

“It might be relevant that Paul Pelosi, who we are supposed to believe is a victim and has his house broken into opened the door and told police that he was fine, it might be relevant to some of these lingering questions that we have,” Owens said on her podcast, adding:

My question would be, was Paul Pelosi maybe at the bar with this guy? Did he invite him over for a little late-night cocktail and things got a little haywire?

That story would make sense to me. It was a little bizarre that the glass shards, when you are looking at them, apparently this is a break-in, are on the outside.

Watch the full clip above

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