Fox Saturday Crew Rips Cops Over Paul Pelosi Attack Video — Then Raise New ‘Odd’ Question About Nancy Pelosi


The Fox & Friends Saturday crew ripped the cops over video of the brutal attack on Paul Pelosi, then raised a new “odd” question about former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. related to the attack.

A suspect named David DePape allegedly broke into the Pelosis’ San Francisco home early one October morning and violently attacked her husband Paul while asking for the Speaker’s whereabouts. DePape has since been found to hold a raft of MAGA beliefs and grievances promoted by former President Donald Trump and his acolytes.

On Thursday, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Stephen M. Murphy ruled that evidence in the case be released to news outlets.

On Friday, shortly after noon, surveillance and body cam video of the attack and the 911 call were released. The video shows the officers initially confused by the scene that greeted them, as Pelosi is standing next to DePape trying to hold onto the hammer that DePape is wielding. Then all hell breaks loose as DePape brutally attacks, and the police then apprehend him.

On this week’s edition of Fox & Friends Saturday, co-hosts Pete Hegseth, Rachel Campos-Duffy, and Will Cain ripped the cops for not releasing the video sooner — which they said would have ended “speculation” about the attack — and the relative competence of their response.

And Campos-Duffy also pointedly and repeatedly noted that Speaker Emerita Pelosi has “oddly” not been angry at Capitol Police for failing to guard the residence while she was away — even after Hegseth pointed out that’s not part of her security detail’s purview:

PETE HEGSETH: You know, this feels like an instance where if they had released this information sooner, a lot of speculation about what happened would have… Because when you listen to that whole 911 call it, it’s it’s like 2 minutes, two and a half minutes. Paul Pelosi is a hostage trying to call the police under the pretense of trying to, this attacker’s probably saying, “Where’s Nancy, You think? Well, let me call and find out. Yeah, I’d like to. Is this the Capitol Hill police? Oh, no. And you can hear him wanting to say, yes, send the police. But potentially the phone’s on speaker. So, I mean, you got to give Paul Pelosi a lot of credit in that instance.

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: He did handle that.

PETE HEGSETH: Doing what he could.

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: I’ll tell you what’s interesting to me, that you don’t hear Nancy Pelosi angry at the Capitol Police. I find it very, very interesting. I know Jason Chaffetz, some other Republicans have said this is a big fail on the part of Capitol Police, that there was not any anybody guarding that house.

PETE HEGSETH: Do they guard it when she’s not there? I don’t think they do.

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: Well, they should. Given all the things that are happening. But she’s very, very oddly soft with the Capitol Police. One has to wonder why.

WILL CAIN: You do wonder why that footage was not released earlier and if it was law enforcement attempting to CYA on their own response, not picking up the hints, not understanding the severity of the situation all the way up to the moment when that hammer is swung.

PETE HEGSETH: Thankfully, at some level, the dispatcher picked up the hints, but even the officers coming to the home, it’s not clear they knew it was Nancy Pelosi’s home. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. They’re like, are we at the right address? But they did act quickly. I mean, the minute that hammer was swung, they were in and on him.

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: It’s weird because as somebody who, you know, my husband was not, you know, the speaker of the House, but every officer in town knew where our house was because that is a potential, you know, target. And so, a lot of, a lot of unanswered questions. But we do need to make sure that our law, our our lawmakers are protected.

PETE HEGSETH: And that’s why on that phone call, he kept saying, “I’m Paul Pelosi.” You know, “Nancy Pelosi’s house.” And eventually, thankfully, they caught on.

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: So we want to show you going to move to another topic, which is the border.

Watch above via Fox & Friends Saturday.

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