Fox Guest Demands Evidence of Breaking and Entering Into Paul Pelosi Home — While Video of Break-In Plays on Screen


Attorney and commentator Brian Claypool had a roller coaster of a Fox News appearance on Friday, prompting hosts Sandra Smith and John Roberts to issue live corrections about the Paul Pelosi attack.

Claypool appeared on Fox to react to footage from the October attack on Pelosi being released. Body camera footage showed a suspect inside Pelosi’s San Francisco home hitting him with a hammer as police tackled the suspect to the ground.

A 911 call where Pelosi spoke in code to keep his attacker calm was also released, along with footage from outside the home showing the suspect using his hammer to break in. The external footage would seem to dispel previous conspiracy theories that Pelosi knew his attacker and did not fear for his life, but Claypool was asking those very questions, even when footage of the break-in was rolling on the screen right next to him.

Claypool claimed it was significant Pelosi answered the door and claimed he appeared “casual” with a drink in hand. He also claimed Pelosi did not sound as though he was fearful on the phone call.

“It does create a bit of a mystery about how if somebody is fearing for their life, they’re able to walk to open the front door — was Paul Pelosi then able to walk out the front door if he felt in harm’s way? And then the other question we’ve got to talk about is — and nobody wants to talk about it, but let’s do it. Did Paul Pelosi know this guy?” the attorney asked.

Fox’s Smith offered a quick rundown for Claypool, explaining the tone of the phone call and the break-in video:

Wasn’t that an effort to keep the attacker calm potentially? I think that’s the way a lot of us interpreted that 911 call when we first heard it last hour. That this was somebody who had 911 on the line and that Paul Pelosi was trying to convey that he was in distress, that he was in immediate danger without escalating the attacker and by the way there’s clear footage if we could roll on it outside of the house showing this attacker breaking through the glass windows on the side of the house.

Claypool later appeared to miss Smith’s comments and when she and co-host Roberts asked him to finish a final point, the lawyer asked for evidence of the breaking and entering.

“Where is the evidence of a breaking and entering?” he said.

“There’s video of him breaking into the house,” Smith said, the footage rolling again.

“Great. Maybe that’s true. Maybe I’m wrong,” Claypool said.

After Roberts broke down the video again, the lawyer reversed course a bit and admitted Pelosi “feared for himself,” while also blasting the Department of Justice for a lack of “transparency” in the case.

Watch above via Fox News.

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